After a while’ I've done studies on the preloader Jaicrab, I could understand that DEX2CEX, indeed, has never been easier!

Many say that the brick preloader ports, but it is not so! Besides the fact that is one hundred times faster than “dump_flash.pkg” to dump the NAND (and leaving 256MB, not 239 as with the dump_flash) and NOR. Only through this preloader I managed to get the dump of my NAND FULL, and then to obtain the metldr suitable to making CEX2DEX. It took a few seconds, 5-6, Unlike the other method (about 30-35 minutes for a NAND).

The method was discovered by me (I do not know if it was already existing, but now I got there XD)


- PS3 in DEX (captain obvious xD)

- Dump the PS3 CEX (flashCEX.bin)

- 3.55 DEX installed on your PS3 Debug.
1) Download a tool to go DEX Factory / Service Mode, or use a stick (or PSP) (here is the tool Clearly one signed extract from RAR “DEX”

2) Pkg install or use the key to send in a factory / service mode and turn off the PS3.

3) Download the Jaicrab Preloader v3.1 –> WHO

4) Take a USB stick and format it to FAT32, put on the file “lv2diag.self”, “advanced.cfg” and your dump of NAND / NOR called “rflash.bin” (I recommend, non flashDEX.bin, ma flashCEX.bin, because otherwise riflashereste the DEX)

5) Configure the following file “advanced.cfg”

6) Insert the key into the USB port of PS3 rightmost.

7) Turn on the PS3 and the LED will blink for several seconds, then go off alone. You will have the console CEX, but still in the Factory Service, and the Debug Firmware.

8 ) Now we leave the Factory / Service Mode.

9) Format again your USB stick and put into this file

10) Insert the key into the PS3 and start it. The LED will go mad almost, will continuously change color (it does on all models) and then go off alone again.

11) Enjoy, 're out of the Factory / Service. Now go in and install the Recovery Menu 3.55 OFW, then always by Recovery Menu, se volete, installatevi a good CFW!

Guide all created by me onlyDigital Angel

Good Continuation,

digital Stunter