E’ a few hours ago that regard again FW iXtreme LT 2.0 created by C4EVA and his team.

The hacker has declared that the FW iXtreme LT 2.0 Hitachi “FAT” is testing, while that for the Hitachi “Smart” is the next on the list…

Usually when these statements come to light, just missing the final release, and this can not’ that to please the owners of Hitachi, were “walking” found after the last of Microsoft (see: XGD3).

As for Slim Hitachi instead, for now no further details about the, and it is unclear even the method of extraction of the keys and writing… that will be revealed later by Team.

Here is the announcement of c4eva:

[2011-11-03 07:46PM UTC] #fw phat hitachi code complete,testing


[2011-10-30 06:53PM UTC] #fw phat hitachi , almost done


[2011-10-30 07:13AM UTC] #c4e and phat hitachi?
[2011-10-30 07:13AM UTC] #c4e all good so far :)


[2011-10-29 05:09AM UTC] #fw hitachi 0500/0502 is on the to-do list :)

Stay Tuned!