I decided to write a quick guide to the use of Odin, a program used by the centers Samsung to flash ROMs (STOCK or MODIFIED) terminals on Android.

Proceed in order, What you'll need for this guide:


  • Install the suite Official Samsung Kies. (DOWNLOAD)
  • Download and unzip v1.85 Odin (DOWNLOAD)
  • A terminal Samsung, Andoid. Obviously. :)
  • A ROM to install.

First, is important to have everything ready on the PC that it will use Odin to flesh our Android, so it is always good and right to use Samsung Kies our terminal and connect to the PC mode “CHOOSE” to install all necessary drivers.

Once the driver installation and turn off the phone from the USB port scolleghiamolo.


Turn back the phone in download mode,Samsung S2 Galaxy for the key combination you press and hold VOLUME DOWN’ + Home and then press the power button until you see this screen:

As you can see, This screen tells us that flesh can custom ROM’ damage the phone etc etc… but this we know already :D

Confirm your willingness to want to install a ROM of your choice (This is a Custom, or a stock ROM) by pressing the Volume Up.

You are now in download mode :) A small red writing on top “ODIN MODE” I will confirm.

Well, Now you can connect the USB to your PC and start ODIN.

Odin is a simple web surfing dangerous to use: so pay close attention to what is found written on your ROM: Usually, the ROM does not require you to enable particular option of Odin, so make sure that only the options “Auto Reboot” and “F. Reset Time” are enabled, If you do not specify anything where your downloaded ROM!

Similarly, a ROM usually consists only of a file. tar (or even better, one. tar.md5), well: MUST NOT extract this file, but it should be selected simply by pressing the “PDA” the Odin.

This is because usually a ROM update only the PDA terminal, without affecting other things, keep in mind. E’ likely that in future more will be released ROM’ complex, but if there was any need to select another, will surely be mentioned in the name of the file TAR (in that case will be more’ a).

Now that you have selected the file of the ROM PDA, make sure that the area “ID:COM” there is a COM number highlighted in yellow (means that your terminal has been recognized by Odin)

You can start the procedure by pressing START!

Your flesh will end with the ROM of your choice, and I recommend it: do not disconnect the USB cable until the process is not complete,namely:

The phone has restarted showing the unlock screen (or the request for PIN).

Odin has finished the process of flashing showing “PASS” in green.


This guide is general for any kind of ROM, since the process described here is a kind of “standard” when it comes to flash ROM on our devices.