SPU emulation è stato da poco rilasciato da KDSBest’s.







Lo sviluppatore KDSBest ha condiviso con noi oggi il suo nuovo strumento di emulazione SPU (ancora nella sua fase pre-alfa), e un applicazione che emula l’SPU della PS3 su i personal che montano un sistama operativo x86.


Attenzione, questo strumento è creato per gli sviluppatori, e dovrebbe essere utilizzato solo da chi sa come utilizzarlo!.


LINK al tools.


ecco le note dello sviluppatore:

I wanted to contribute to the scene , so I coded a tool that might help the community our members and fellow dev’s.
This Tool is intended for dev’s so please be careful if you don’t know what you do.
I will not be held responsible for any harm
My tool is a emulator for PS3 modules (e.g metldr), it is in pre alpha stage but I thought, it would be great to get some community feedback.
How to use:
Not all SPU Commands are implemented yet, but it is easily extendable and I will make it support DMA, all SPU Commands and SPU Mailbox soon.

First open a .kds file. Check out the metldr.kds to see an example. The rest is like a normal debugger.
If you put dumps of your reversed functions in the KnownFunctions folder, it will detect it and mark that function for you.

Just for example Mark the whole cellSpuAesDecryptCbcCfb128 function in HexView in IDA -> Right Click -> Save to File
Name the File “cellSpuAesDecryptCbcCfb128″ without extension and copy it to the KnownFunctions Directory of the Emulator. Now all similar functions get automatic detected!

“Step” Executes next command, “Run” runs till breakpoint (Breakpoints are not implemented yet).
Debug SPU Code in Windows.